Stand in shoulder wide until you feel you body aligning itself. Then do Raise Hands at least 5 times. ~ SLOWLY ~ feel what is happening within you without judgment! When you feel your energy shift into a more comfortable way being slowly come out of the posture and go about your daily business. Just before you eat your lunch…repeat the above. In the evening before you sit down for the night…repeat. Repeat as often as you like.

This beautiful little exercise will keep your body/mind/spirit integrated and aligned. Remember to let go of areas of tension and work to coordinate your timing. Simply notice and give your body the message to let go. She’s listening. She’s always listening so instead of letting her fill in and do what she feels like doing, why not give her messages to relax by letting go, to move in harmony with your breath, and to feel your energy calm and collect?!

As with all other endeavors, asking your body to relax and realign is a practice for attainment of the principles. No different than your riding practice. Practice this as daily as you possibly can and if you miss a day…promise yourself tomorrow … but don’t abuse it!  LOL

Namaste my horse loving friends.