I’m back at it again. It has been awhile and I have missed talking with you. Yesterday I was looking a little out of sorts when my husband said to me, “You need to be inspired again!” I took that to heart and I began to ask my self what is it that truly inspires me. T’ai Chi and Chi Gung and its principles of natural movement is my base of study, the root of my tree which has many branches. T’ai Chi has to have a purpose for me as I do not study T’ai Chi for the sake of T’ai Chi alone. For me it needs a practical application. I love to apply it to riders and their horses. Working with that partnership is truly a joy for me because I see the rider and the horse begin to connect with more clarity in their communication. A very beautiful grace begins to appear in their movement as dance partners.

As you have read the blogs before, studying the principles of natural movement helps relax and organize the body into a cohesive whole where all parts move together in harmony. When your body is organized, relaxed, and in sync with the mind and the spirit, you are able to connect with the horse in a very clear way. Your horse is all about body language. Oh, sure, they, like all the other animals that we live with can understand words but in a very limited way which turns into a command instead of a conversation. In order to have a real and meaningful conversation with your horse, it has to be with your body language. It makes sense then, that words, sentences, paragraphs, and your story have to be congruent and easy for the horse to read. This way of communicating takes you beyond mere aids and commands to a real conversations with your horse.

I am inspired when I can help others understand, study, and put into practice the T’ai Chi principles of natural movement as I have used it in my work with horses. By studying Chi Gung exercises while keeping the principles in mind, the body will begin to organize and move in a quiet, soft, and responsive way that horses can easily understand and then enjoy following your conversation with them. Watching you learn and become strong in the principles inspires me. You inspire me. Horses inspire me.

Please stay tuned for some videos. Yes, I am getting braver about talking with you live and hoping that you will pass my blog around to others that might also be inspired to learn about this ancient art and apply it to our modern day equestrian sports.

Thank you for reading. Please stayed tuned. More is on the way.