Last post I talked about the energy that can get chaotic within us through our thoughts and intentions and ultimately how that does have an effect on our life around us. We all get that concept and hard science supports the theory. Many times we believe that these chaotic episodes are set in stone and tomorrow will be a better day. Being set in stone is not  always the case…ok, sometimes it is, but let’s not dwell on that day! Let’s talk about the days we can make changes in our energy. I ask myself, “am I getting the results that I want in my riding and being around my horse or is my horse reflecting back to me my anxiety, worry and frustration?”  There is a way to change those crazy energy patterns and get more of what you want  and less of taking what you get.

Horses are body language and energy and they are very attuned to listening and responding. The more we listen to what they are telling us the more able we are to help them understand what we are asking them to do. If I am having a high strung day, is it fair to ask my horse for calm, quiet and responsiveness when I am not that within myself?

The practice of T’ai Chi is to learn how to let go of the excess tension in our body/mind and when we can let go of that tension we create the space for our body/mind to reset back to its natural quiet place where our chi patterns actually have an organized flow through the body. Yes, you can have control over your energy with some practice. When we practice it isn’t about creating a special “chi”. It is not about being special, or martial or above it all. It is about enjoying our innate sense of well being. It is a very pragmatic and useful study which energizes the body and rejuvenates the spirit. It is about learning how to recognize tension patterns (this too is energy) that keep us stuck in a not so fruitful place which burns more energy than is necessary to get us through the day, the ride, work,etc…all those things which translates into feeling tired or exhausted. When we can recognize or feel those chaotic patterns, then we can have a choice to change them. Awareness brings choice.

Here is a simple exercise for you to do. I start my daily practice and all of the classes I teach just this way. See if this works for you and I would love to have feed back and your questions. Stand facing north as this is just a way of positioning yourself for alignment and orientation to the world and do nothing! Wait and let your body/mind tell you where it is at this moment in time. I know it sounds silly, but trust me! Suspend judgements of right or wrong and get to a “what is” with kindness for yourself. Soon you will begin to sense where you are holding tension and tightness. Start at the bottom of your feet and scan your way to the top of your head. As you notice tight areas, see how many of those spots you can soften and relax. Practice letting go of excess tension and allow your body to align to its natural position. This little exercise just takes a couple of minutes and in that little bit of time you will get a lot of information about your alignment, tension and holding patterns. When you can practice this simple awareness exercise, you can then translate it to your riding. Sometimes doing nothing on your horse reveals a wealth of information and also allows your horse to tell you what is needed and how she is feeling at this moment.